A fully reimagined virtual learning experience for leaders across functions and industries. This interactive learning engagement will focus on the applications of various behavioural science concepts to help you navigate through the current and future challenges of the new normal world.

Leading a team is no cakewalk, it requires grit, skill, empathy and dedication. Moreover, amidst the complexity and volatility of today’s world, it has become even more important to manage teams with utmost care, respect and transparency. When it comes to understanding and managing individuals, the research-based dynamics of behavioural science work better than speculations.


BI WORLDWIDE #BEWEEK Behavioural Science Leadership Hacks to
Navigate Through Crisis

  • How to emotionally proof your communication to reduce stress and increase comfort
  • Learn about bounded rationality and how it benefits from setting limitations on projects and being responsive to team members
  • How priming your communication with power words can impact productivity
  •   2nd August, Monday
      4:00- 4:30 PM IST
Psychological Safety
  • Difference between a workgroup and a team for building trust
  • Why psychological self-awareness is key to a healthy and productive team
  • Basics of why psychological safety is the #1 contributor to productive teams
  •   4th August, Wednesday
      4:00- 4:30 PM IST
Habits & Routines
  • Why neuroscience and psychology recommend positive habits and routines for your people
  • How to establish a North Star (or Southern Cross) with your team to create psychological unity
  • How to apply design thinking and theory of mind to your teams
  • Why the progress principle positively impacts our subjective wellbeing
  •   6th August, Friday
      4:00- 4:30 PM IST

Be the Changemaker with BI WORLDWIDE #BEWEEK

The leadership #BEWEEK is divided in 3 sessions of 30 minutes each running across the week on Monday-Wednesday-Friday, starting 2nd August, 2021. Throughout the week, each 30 minutes session will help you understand a key behavioural science principle and its application to problem solving.

During the #BEWEEK, you will receive quick pre-reads, smart assessments and a behavioural science #BEWEEK certificate to go social and tell the world.


Quick pre-read for each session, consisting of an article, whitepaper, video or a combination of any two.


Understanding 3 key behavioral science-based leadership hacks to help you navigate through business hindrances in the new normal world.


Quick smart assessment to get a sense check on your learning about each behavioral science principle explained during the session.


BRAGGING RIGHTS! On completion of the #BEWEEK sessions, you will be awarded a ‘Behavioural Science Changemaker’ certificate. You can go Social and tell your network about it.

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Your #BEWEEK Coach


BI WORLDWIDE’s strategic partner Tim Houlihan, a behavioural science strategist and practitioner, will be your special coach during the #BEWEEK.

Tim holds over 3 decades of leadership experience that he has gained by serving global brands across industries. He is currently the founder and chief behavioral strategist at Behavior Alchemy and is passionate about finding answers to the ‘why-we-do-what-we-do’ question. Moreover, Tim is a frequent university guest lecturer and a speaker at behavioral symposiums. He is also a co-founder of Behavioral Grooves, a weekly podcast with listeners in more than 120 countries.

Learn the application of behavioural science principles from the best in the industry.