BI WORLDWIDE Presents #BEWEEK-Series 2

A specially curated Behavioural Science Certificate Program for Sales and Channel promotion planners. This enriching learning experience promises to unveil unique behavioural science-based framework to design and deliver promotion campaigns that drive sales performance.


Behavioural Science Hacks for Channel Sales Promotion – Design and Delivery

Behavioural Science-led promotion design hacks
  • Understand how to become a promotion design architect
  • Learn how to use behavioural science models to structure people-based promotion programs
  • Know how to use non-monetary rewards to motivate your channel network
  •   26th October, 2021
      3:00- 3:45 PM IST
Optimizing promotions with BE approach
  • Understand how to optimise promotion programs
  • Learn how to frame promotional messages using social proof & expert authority
  • Know how to build the right rewards mix for your promotional programs
  •   28th October, 2021
      3:00- 3:45 PM IST

Become a Behavioural Science Promotions Architect with BI WORLDWIDE #BEWEEK- Series 2

During the #BEWEEK- Series 2, you will receive quick pre-reads, smart assessments, Behavioural Science promotions Architect Certificate and a chance to win attractive gifts.


Quick pre-read for each session including articles, whitepapers, videos etc.


Understanding key behavioural science-based promotions hacks to design & optimize effective promotional programs.


Quick smart assessment of your learnings about each behavioural science principle explained during the session.

Completion Certificate

On successful completion of both #BEWEEK sessions, the participant will be awarded an exclusive “Behavioural Science Promotions Architect” certificate.

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Your #BEWEEK Coach


BI WORLDWIDE’s strategic partner Tim Houlihan, a behavioural science strategist and practitioner, will be your special coach during the #BEWEEK.

Tim holds over 3 decades of leadership experience that he has gained by serving global brands across industries. He is currently the founder and chief behavioral strategist at Behavior Alchemy and is passionate about finding answers to the ‘why-we-do-what-we-do’ question. Moreover, Tim is a frequent university guest lecturer and a speaker at behavioral symposiums. He is also a co-founder of Behavioral Grooves, a weekly podcast with listeners in more than 120 countries.

Learn the application of behavioural science principles from the best in the industry.

#BEWEEK - Series 1 - A Sneak Peek

Behavioural Science Leadership Hacks to
Navigate Through Crisis

A fully reimagined virtual learning experience for leaders across functions and industries. This interactive learning engagement will focus on the applications of various behavioural science concepts to help you navigate through the current and future challenges of the new normal world...